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London Aquatic Centre in Stratford


Free Taster Session

We have 60 places available for a free taster session prior to the lessons starting.

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5 Week Course

The 5-Week course costs £50 (non-refundable)


About London Orca

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About Us


London Orca

London Orca is the water polo team of Out To Swim. London Orca compete year-round in both London and International leagues and tournaments.


Whether you swim with us in Out To Swim and want to give Water Polo a try, or whether you are coming to us for the first time, we're really pleased to welcome new players whether you have played before or not. To help introduce you to what can seem like a bewildering game, we offer your first three water polo sessions free (after completing Beginners). After that you need to sign up with the club.


Out To Swim

Out To Swim is a swimming, water polo and synchro club for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, trans people and their friends. We also sympathize with people who are straight and will welcome you with open arms.

London swimmers train seven days a week with hour long coached sessions at six venues including pools in the West End, Victoria and London Bridge.  Out To Swim South trains three nights a week at pools in and around Brighton. On Thursday evening (at Oasis, 8pm) there is a women-only swimming session.  Water polo training in London takes place on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Synchro training is on Saturdays.



How big is London Orca?

We have an active squad of 80. Of course some are more active than others. We train three times a week and attendance ranges from 20 to 30 at each session. At the heart of the squad is our “A Team”, who are the players that compete in our London league matches. They run the training sessions and provide the coaching and development support for anyone new to the game. At every training session we have players with a range of skills and experience, from first timers learning the ropes to experienced players that have been playing since school.


What are the benefits?

Water polo players come in all shapes and sizes, but it will definitely help you improve your fitness. Players can swim from 500 to 1500 meters in a match - but it's all short sprints with quick recovery, so it's like intensive interval training which can help with weight-loss. It's the social side of things that has been the biggest surprise. It's not compulsory, but after training there's always a group of people heading out for something to eat or drink, and trips away to competitions are always great fun. There's been the odd romance within the team, but generally we're all too exhausted to contemplate anything more than a quick shower and a pizza.

We Teach Water Polo

Fancy trying one of the world's toughest sports, in a fun and friendly environment?

London Orca have put together a 6-week beginners course to teach you everything you need to know.

Friday, 28th March

The 5-Week Course. Starts Late 2021



Swimming Techniques

Friday. 18:45 - 20:30


Dribbling the Ball

Friday. 18:45 - 20:30


Shooting the Ball

Friday. 18:45 - 20:30


Game Time!

Friday. 18:45 - 20:30



Friday. 18:45 - 20:30


Over 5 sessions you'll be taught by a selection of the best players from our elite squad. You'll get to know the sport, the skills and techniques involved and you'll get a glimpse into the wonderful world of LGBT Water Polo.



Right from the start, you'll be in the water practicing the sport. The initial lessons will focus on developing your swimming skills before quickly moving onto the handling and passing of the Ball.

We have 3 International tournaments in 2014 and we compete in a number of national leagues. We know competing can be scary but there is not a better club with which to build your confidence and take part in these sporting adventures.

Friday. 19:00 - 21:00

Free Beginner's Taster Session

The next course starts in late 2021. (Corona Virus pending...)

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"Someday Walt Disney will make a film about the little gay water polo team that triumphed in the end"

Champagne Water Polo

Unfortunately Corona Virus has put a damper on our international tournaments. This year we'll be crossing a fingers that the Eurogames in Copenhagen go ahead.

2021 Tournaments


The International LGBT Champagne Water Polo League is the most exhuberent, fabulous and diverse Water Polo League.

The Teams


Over 18 LGBT teams compete in the world of Champagne Water Polo. Well over 300 men and women from 8 different countries meet all around the world to battle both in and out the water.

The Lay of the Land




Toronto Triggerfish

Copenhagen Mermates

The largest squad in the league, they are young and enthusiastic and have the most annoying team cheer.  Key figures are Ming (a Chinese-Australian who is known for his daring fashion choices); Greg (a soulful singer and perennial winner of the club's annual drag contest).

Harry Potter: Hufflepuff.

Copenhagen are the cut throat villains of the Champagne League. Although better known for an almost Germanic ruthlessness, they’ve become softer due to romantic ties between their Captain Theis and a brave London Orca. The best looking team of the league.

Harry Potter: Slytherin.

Paris / Frog Princess

Amsterdam Waterproof

Melbourne Surge

They never do very well in the competitions, but they are the life and soul of the party.  Their training sessions generally involve cigarettes and choreography.  At their core are the fab-five of Matteo, Maxence, Damien, Laurent, and Reynald who carry the club to greatness based on sheer enthusiasm and French attitude.

The tallest players in the league, the Dutch are both the friendliest and the most consistent team. Often clutching the top spot at tournaments, they can be beaten but they are the European favorites for 2014.

Harry Potter:  Griffindwr.

Unfairly branded as the least-interesting team in the competition, they take water polo very seriously.  When they travel to a competition they impose strict curfews on their players and aren't allowed to drink until they've won the gold medal (which they invariably do).  Key player is Julian - originally from Tasmania he is now bringing an international perspective to Melbourne.

Antwerp & Brussels Mannekenfish

Not content with one team, Belgium has 2  LGBT Water Polo teams. Antwerp are the soft and fluffy ones led by 'Gert', the most eligible bachelor of our league. Brussels Mannekenfish have rapidly emerged as the team to beat... very strong in the water and full of great bums.

2021 Tournaments

Every year we choose 3 tournaments as our focus.

London Orca will be training to compete in the following tournaments.



Still undecided!

Sad times :(



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